Kim Pilgrim is a visual artist and creative facilitator based in Cornwall.

Kim's work is concerned with relationships to the natural world and is deeply influenced by ideas of 'landscape', particularly the places she finds herself in. There is a continuing sense of trying to locate herself physically and mentally, and themes such as autobiography, temporality and journeying constantly emerge in this.

Photography is vital in attempting to capture an event in a time and place; digital for its speed and adaptability, and analogue for its direct reference to light from the scene. Alongside the photo Kim also works with writing, drawing and other mediums as required; creating site-specific installations, artifacts and events.

Kim is passionate about communities, local history and stories associated with the places she experiences. She believes collaboration is at the heart of creativity and works with other artists and practitioners from all walks of life as appropriate.

Kim also runs workshops on a wide range of subjects and materials, including 'experiential mapping', photography, drawing and making.

For more information or to enquire about projects, collaborations or commissions please contact Kim on