The Heart of St Day (2007)
Kim Pilgrim and Clare Summerson.

The idea of the 'heart' grew from reading about the shrine in St Day that once was visited by Pilgrim's ... Where was it? Why did people come here? Where is the shrine now? And from this emerged our own ideas: why do people come here/like it here/stay here now? Where is the heart of St Day? ...

The substance of the 'heart' we have been making came from fabric donated by Pippa in the Make do and Mend shop and from visiting the Aladdin's Cave charity shop (as was)... fragments were gathered with stories to tell, coming from the people of St Day. We were inspired by intriguing trinkets (are these remnants of the shrine?) and objects with interesting textures (we could do rubbings of these like brass rubbings!) It has been about reclaiming lost items and giving them new life... Objects signifying the time and place to which they belong.

Using locally sourced ideas and materials we have tried to create a framework from which the Heart of St Day has begun to grow. Chance, accident, discovery and play have all had their role in creating this seed of a legend. It is about the very fabric of St Day; being formed by the people of St Day here, now. All in St Day are invited to celebrate the essence of this place we share and bring their own piece of patchwork to the heart.