Embark: Ferry Art
Solo exhibition on the King Harry Ferry November 2008
Getting there
(I affect. I am affected)

Walking for me is a meditative act, a way to clear the cobwebs and to push forwards in life; feeling the ground beneath me as I progress across the earth.

Talking to a 93 year old friend recently he told me he often thinks of people walking 3 or more miles to their local church before there was one in our village; trailing over fields, stiles and stepping stones, winding down lanes in their Sunday best to a wedding or carrying a coffin to a funeral. This notion has stayed with me and has influenced this body of work.

I have started walking to get to places, not just mentally as before, but physically, to reach the shops, a ballet class, collect a veg box and get to work. On a basic level it has got me doing exercise, saving money on transport, and being less polluting, but more than that I have begun to feel connected to the land, the people who have gone before me; those who caused the pathways and roads to be formed; and it has given a real purpose to me walking in the countryside.

Pathways map our changing relationships to the country we occupy. They are the connecting threads between us and the villages, towns and cities around us.

Feel the momentum and the stillness, smell the air, touch the hedgerows, tread the mud, and in doing so become part of the landscape around you.