Birds from the Train
Aug 2012- May 2013

A selection of this series are shown at The Poly Guild, Falmouth.

Birds from the Train was previously exhibited as a chronological linear series of 14 paintings at Archie Brown’s, Truro, Cornwall, July-September 2013

If you are interested in purchasing any of this series, please get in touch.

Train tickets, pencil, goache

A time-line of tickets from my own journeys;

Birds seen from the train window, painted onto these tickets.

…Passing through their world in the bubble of a train carriage.
They in flight, on water, in trees, fields…
Is that where they live, their territory or are they just passing through too?
Where do they belong?
Where do I?
Pathways crossed for a fleeting instance…
Another reminder that my world is theirs…

The process of making these works has caused me to consider among many things, which birds appear most on particular journeys, in specific habitats and also to reflect on which birds seem to be seasonal inhabitants of these areas … Maybe keep an eye out yourself next time you’re on a train…

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