Beyond the Frame (2009-2010)

Commission for Museums in Essex, with residency at Epping Forest District Museum.

Creating artwork inspired by works on paper from the museums collection. I focused on the watercolour paintings of Walter Spradbery which featured in London Underground travel posters during 1910's-1940's. Spradbery lived on the edge of Epping Forest and was inspired by the places he found himself in, even as a war artist.

I decided to follow Spradbery's pathways, as well as those mentioned on the Travel poster. By train I visited Epping, Chingford, Buckhurst Hill, Richmond and Hampstead Heath. I began taking photos of the view outside the train windows and the time between stops began to seem more fascinating than the destinations. Journeying became the subject as I focused on the part of the experience the travel posters omit; my blurred images a contrast to the static destinations in the posters of Spradbery's time.

The need to explore these places and significant family events which took place during this time resulted in me repeating the journey between Cornwall and Essex over and again. The pull between the two places, my two homes, became stronger, at times overwhelming, and the journey itself became further imbued with meaning.

The resulting work is a documentation of the journey I have undertaken, inspired by the travel poster, Spradbery's work and the places he visited but led by my own need to travel between the place I am now and the place I am from.

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