Tallys an Tir
Traditions and Stories of the Land
Cornwall, 2013

With Cornwall Audio Visual Archive (CAVA)


Collaborating with project manager and artist Sarah Chapman and artist educator Ali Roscoe we ran a broad range of creative workshops in primary schools across Cornwall, inspired by stories of Cornish farming from farming families in each area. This was brought together in exhibitions and community celebrations in each of the five areas we worked with, as well as a free series of resource packs for use with Key Stage 2 children which can be found at http://farmingstories.com/

The workshops explored themes such as Cornish dialect, field names, farming traditions, celebrations and seasonal rituals, the uses of and stories behind historical artefacts, changes in farming over time and whatís happening in farming today. These were instigated by digital stories made to document and bring to life individual farmerís personal audio visual accounts.

For more details about the project, farmersí stories, specific workshops and images please see http://cornishstories.com

The photos below give a snapshot of some of the work produced in schools. However for a much fuller and informative overview please see the blog: http://cornishstories.com

If you would like more information about this project, its legacy or would be interested in any of the workshops featured please do get in touch contact@kimpilgrim.co.uk