Flushing Art Week (2006)

Flushing Art Week emerged from a discussion between myself and artist Anna Fraser whilst on the Flushing ferry in spring 2006 discussing the possibility of exhibiting art on the ferry. We were overheard by local resident Tim Atkinson and together with his partner Jenny Blenkinsop the plans took flight and the Art Week was formed. It took place Easter 2006, and comprised exhibitions, workshops, performances and an auction. The main idea was for the whole village to be viewed as a gallery, harnessing any potential site to locate artwork. Work was exhibited in the village hall, St Peter's Church, the Methodist Church, the waterman's rest, the Seven Stars Pub, the Bowling Green and Pavillion, residents' windows, the woods and on the Ferry! There was also a postcard exhibition featuring postcard sized artwork made by the people of Flushing.

As well as coordinating, curating and exhibiting my own work I ran two workshops during the week for both children and adults: flag making and scarecrow making. The flags were used to decorate the village during the art week both this year and Art Week 2007 (yes; we did it again!). The scarecrows were paraded around the village by the children and adults who had taken part (and some trusty and strong volunteers!) finishing at Tregew Farm where the scarecrows continue to guard the crops of Flushing.