Day-Light (2010)

A Collaborative project in the village of St Day during 2010, led by artist Clare Summerson and myself.

The project was inspired by the beautiful hand-painted fragments of glass from the windows of the Old Church in St Day. The pieces had been collected up for safe storage by members of the community over 10 years ago when the derelict old church was opened up for the first time in many years. We wanted to bring these pieces back to the community and celebrate the creativity, community and heritage in St Day. As well shapes, pattern and colour from the stained glass, the image of birds has been a recurring feature in the project, inspired by those that now inhabit the roofless Old Church.

A project in three parts, Day-Light comprised:
-Lantern and light box making workshops leading to a Lantern Celebration event in February 2010.
-Community workshops with textile artists Hazel McGregor and Caroline Cleave, and Clare and myself, to make the coverings for 3 ‘standings’; tented structures used in the past at fairs and feast days in the village.
This resulted in a week long celebration event in the Old Church during the Mining Villages Festival, August 2010. Cascade Theatre Company brought the exhibition to life as St Day inspired characters, with improvisation and storytelling. We also ran free workshops throughout the week.
-The finale was an illuminated exhibition of the artwork made during the project in windows around the village, in December 2010.

Thanks to all those who have been involved in Day-Light during 2010.